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Legal Study Of Stateless Persons And Their Protection Under International Law (Case Study Of Rohingnya Ethnic Groups In Myanmar)



The Rohingya are the most persecuted ethnic minority in the world. They are referred to as a group of ethnic Muslims who have lived for centuries in Myanmar. These ethnic groups are not considered official ethnic groups and have been denied citizenship since 1982. They have been forced to accept various forms of discrimination and the treatment of human rights violations, which this issue is protected by international law. It is interesting to do research that is the regulation of International Law regarding the protection of "stateles person" and what protection can be given to the Rohing Ethnic who were expelled from Myanmar. By using normative legal research methods, namely legal research carried out by examining library materials with the collection and study of documents that are analyzed qualitatively. From this study, the results were obtained that the rules regarding the right to ethnic Rohingnya contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 (UDHR) and the Convention Relating to the Stateles Person in 1954, the right for every person to citizenship and no one can be revoked arbitrarily citizenship . Article 1 of the 1954 Convention, clearly states that citizens without citizenship can defend fundamental rights and freedoms without discrimination, and no person who is not a citizen can be treated worse than any foreign national. The parties that should be responsible for providing protection for the Rohingnans are the Myanmar Government first, then the UN, ASEAN and the OIC as International Organizations participated in by Myanmar, including those who can help pay attention and protect neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Keywords: Stateless Person, Legal protection, Ethnic Rohing, International law and Indonesian law


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